15. Paris Ham and Cheese
    The classic ham and cheese sandwich

16. Turkey and Cheese
    Generous amounts of lean turkey slices

17. Ham, Turkey, and Cheese
    A great combination of our juicy ham and turkey

18. Roast Beef and Cheese
    Thinly sliced deli-style roast beef

19. Salami
   Traditional salami sandwich with a baguette twist

20. Tuna
  Our house-mixed tuna is served with fresh greens

21. Avocado Delight
    California ripened avocado with fresh spring mix

22. Best Club
   Guaranteed favorite; this is ultimate combination of roast beef,ham,
   and turkey

23. Shrimp Sandwich
    Savory marinated shrimp presented in a new form of sandwich

24. Chicken Salad
    Shredded chicken mixed with our house mayonnaise and seasoning
French Sandwiches
All French style sandwiches are served with house mayo, lettuce, tomato and cheese.